Residential property investment & development

Our projects span urban localities throughout greater metropolitan New South Wales & South East Queensland.

About Us

About Us

With almost a decade of hands on experience working on more than $10 million worth of residential real estate, the enterprising team at Thankyou homes specializes in research, site acquisition, feasibility, analysis, planning, project management, development, property staging and delivering profitable results in a timely manner.

Our focus on continual improvement coupled with years of expertise and a well-cultivated professional network empowers us and our collaborative partners to make informed decisions, ensuring each and every project is commercially and fundamentally viable from the very beginning.

We are passionate about creating value for our community by delivering beautiful, quality, cost effective and well-designed homes combined with steady, sustainable growth through positive outcomes for all partnerships.

What We Do

We transform ordinary real estate into extraordinary opportunities for buyers, our investors and the community.

Property Developments

We create spaces for people to fall in love with and call home.

Playing an active role in the process of realizing the full potential of a property from start to finish, resulting in a desirable quality product, total street appeal transformation and being rewarded for our hard work is immensely gratifying for us.

We are experts on market fundamentals, feasibilities, designing with the buyer in mind, spatial consideration and quality controlled finishes to maximize positive outcomes for the project, future inhabitants, resale value, our funders and partners.

We know our craft and we value creating products that bring delight to the market, enabling more Australians to find the home they love, to live comfortably in them and to feel good about the investment they have made into their family’s future.

Let’s Collaborate

We work with home owners and investors wanting to create greater financial returns to improve their lifestyle options.

By partnering with us, they are able to leverage our years of expertise, attention to detail and property know-how. There are several collaborative possibilities. It might be that a home owner has a home with potential for a few dwellings to replace the existing one. Alternatively it could be a partnership where we find and manage a project from start to finish but a capital investor funds the process.

Many Australians have spent a long time working and keeping busy without having the time or resources to resolve how they will downsize and consolidate assets for the next chapter in their lives.

Rather than taking a wait and see approach, teaming up with Thankyou homes can attain extraordinary outcomes with healthy returns much faster, effectively unlocking doors to financial and lifestyle freedom earlier than imagined.

Our Why

Because life itself is finite, we believe it is important to design it the way you envision it to be.

At school we aren’t taught money smarts, how to create financial independence or how to afford a flexible lifestyle well into our older years. That’s why we all need to play an active role to learn, grow and work smarter so we can live and do and be more.

We’re building homes with a difference. A percentage of proceeds on each project goes towards doing social good. We want to empower people to live on purpose and with intention, rather than obligation and limitation. We believe this lifestyle and financial flexibility is achievable through the partnership opportunities available with Thankyou Homes.

We aim to be part of the solution for the community and invite you to be a part of our journey.


A sample of projects with a wide variety of scope:



Quarters Downtown